1984                                Warsaw University

                                        Ph.D.,  Economics,                                    

1976                                Warsaw University

                                        M.A.,  Economics, Special Topics in Econometrics                                           


2010 -2016                     Central Bank of Poland

Member of the Monetary Policy Council

  • Decided on interest rates and general rules of exchange rate policy
  • Approved the annual financial statement of the Central Bank,

2008 – 2010                   Polkomtel S.A.

Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer

  • Prepared macroeconomic forecasts of Polish economy
  • Analyzed company’s annual financial plans
  • Evaluated strategic acquisition decisions

2004 - 2008                    Bank Pekao S.A.

Chief Economist, Member of the Assets and Liabilities Management Committee

  • Prepared macroeconomic forecasts of Polish economy (achieved award of Rzeczpospolita economic and financial daily for the best GDP forecast in 2007)
  • Prepared banking sector forecasts (monetary aggregates, main elements of profit and loss statement)

2001 – 2004                   Central Bank of Poland

Deputy Governor , Member of the Management Board

  • Supervised  the Departments: of Macroeconomic Analysis,  of Foreign Reserves Management  and of Statistics
  • Participated in  decision making process  of the Central Bank’s Management Board
  • Presented macroeconomic forecast and opinions on  monetary policy decisions to the  Monetary Policy Council

 1994 – 2001                  Bank Handlowy  S.A

Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer

  • Prepared macroeconomic forecasts for Polish economy

1993 – 1994                   Ministry Of Finance

Expert on macroeconomics, Expert of the Team of Negotiators       

  • Prepared analyses for the Team of Negotiators for the purpose of negotiations  with the London Club on the reduction of  debt of Poland
  • Prepared and presented to the  London Club long term macroeconomic forecast of Polish economy, focusing on  balance of payment forecast

1991-1992                      The Prime Minister Office

Member of the Team of Strategic Advisors to the Vice Prime Minister

Leszek Balcerowicz

  • Prepared assessment of macroeconomic development
  • Prepared macroeconomics policy recommendations (tax policy, banking sector restructuring)

1990 – 1991                   The Polish Supreme Audit Office

Deputy  Director of Systemic Analysis Department

  • Prepared the assessment of the initial stage of economic reform in Poland
  • Prepared the guidelines  for reforms of the public audit during the transformation to market economy

1985 – 1989                   Warsaw University

Computer Centre of Psychology Department     

IT Consultant  

  • Provided  consultations on statistics  for research purposes
  • Provided computing  of  research projects
  • Provided computer training for students

1977 – 1984                   Central Statistical Office

Centre of Development of Statistical Data Bases


  • Prepared macroeconomic data base projects
  • Researched on  statistical metadata languages  


2008 -2009                                   Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

1992 – 2001                                 Scientific Foundation Centre for Social and Economic Research (CASE)


  • Drafted research projects on  fiscal and monetary policy under transformation, banking sector development

1995                                              Ministry of Labour, Pension System Reform Team               


  • Researched impact of pension system reform on stability of the public finance

1994                                              Bank Pekao S.A., Member of the Supervisory Board


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